Mel Gibson

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Mel Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York but was moved to Australia when he was twelve. He is the sixth of eleven children. He is the son of John Hutton Gibson and Anne Reilly Gibson. He is a devoted Catholic and this can be seen in various movies of his.


The Beginning

He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art in 1977, Gibson's acting career began in Australia with special appearances in various television series including The Sullivans, Cop Shop and Punishment.

He started his career in Mad Max and also did the World War I movie Gallipoli. These two movies showed his skill as an actor and his ideal nature as a leading role.

Lethal Weapon and others

In the lethal Weapon series he added action with a comic flare and showed a side to acting that has made him both deemed as a versatile actor and one of the hottest actors of anytime. He would go on to showing this with What Women Want and Maverick.

Hamlet and beyond

In the movie Hamlet, Gibson showed his drama and classic zeal for acting. These would be the start of his direction that would lead to movies such as Braveheart and the Passions of Christ.

As of late he has been devoting more time behind the camera rather than in front of it. He had been making movies that have been getting attention and raising people’s perceptions to things.


He is a very devoted Catholic and has had a strong sense of family with his wife, Robyn. They have 7 kids and he has gone to great lengths to keep his family out of the lime light. He is among the rare few that has kept his personal life and professional life as two separate areas.


Mel Gibson has always been one that is working and he is currently acting and producing the movie Sam and George, plus is directing, executive producing, and writing the upcoming movie Apocalypto.