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A Vocation is defined as being any type of occupation or profession that is underwent without the purpose of gaining money but for altruistic benefits. Income can become substantial but is regarded to as being a secondary aspect of vocation, no matter the financial gains. A worker is provided with spiritual or psychological needs and definitions have also seen the term being linked with an occupation for which the individual is considered to be gifted. The common word used to describe it is “calling” for a task.

Different occupations can fall under the vocational category based on the individual. In most cases a combination between community help and developed skills is visible and applied. Examples can be provided through veterinarians, care-giving and medical occupations but is not limited to them. The most common vocation is considered to be that which implies a religious occupation with other community services (like politics) achieving the same standard at times.

Humanitarian campaigns and working for organizations that promote them (Amnesty International, Greenpeace and several non profit organizations) is also considered a vocation. The term does imply a full time job as opposed with avocation, which is a part time job or hobby practiced by a person. Vocation as a word is sometimes confused with “vocational education”.