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Travel deals with the transport of people from one place to another. This is referred to as a trip or journey. There are many different reasons that people choose to travel, such as for recreational purposes. People may choose to travel in order to visit family and friends.

Travel also encompasses people who commute to one place from another to engage in an activity such as going to work or attending a college. Travel also includes the migration of people, as well as transport for religious motivations, such as a pilgrimage to a religious ceremonial location.

When a person wishes to travel a short distance, they may stay within their city. Longer distances involve cross-country travel or overseas travel to another continent.

Ways to Travel

There are many ways to travel, including the following:

Car: One of the most common ways to travel. This involves travel on roads and highways.

Airplane: This involves traveling by air to reach far destinations in a quicker period of time. Sometimes a traveler may have to connect to two or more different flights if their destination is quite far.

Bus: A fairly inexpensive to travel by way of road and highway, where numerous stops are made along the way.

Train: Fairly inexpensive mode of transportation that travels on a system of railway tracks that can be found throughout connecting cities and states.

Boat: A common way to travel across a body of water, such as an ocean or sea.

Cruise Ship: A common method of pleasure traveling, often used to visit islands and resorts that can be reached by traveling across water.

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