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Keno is a popular casino game, in the United States. The name keno is descended from a form a bingo and lotto, both popular in the 19th century, as well as today.


The history of keno can be traced all the way back to a game called, The Game of the White Dove, invented during the Han Dynasty (187BC). Originally created to save a financially failing city, citizen wagered small amounts of property, in hopes of winning much more. At the end of the first ten days of the game, the city had accumulated more than 1000 jpieces of silver. Decades later, the wealth of the city was boundless. Homes, at that time, were often very far apart. To spread the results, the people began using letter doves to relay the results. Thus the name, The Game of the White Dove.

Keno today

Like bingo, and the lottery, keno is a numbers game. The player picks as many numbers as they like, out of eighty. Once the player has marked their numbers, they take their ticket to the clerk and receive a receipt of their recorded numbers. Video monitors, and a big lighted board, show the numbers as they are selected. The payout is determined by how many numbers the player picked, as well as how many of their picked numbers match the selected numbers. Players must turn in winning tickets quickly. Keno games generally start every five minutes, and on an individual game ticket, it is void if not turned in before the next game starts.