How to request your parents to allow you to play a game

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To request your parents to allow you to play a game can be done with an easier conscience if all your other work is complete. Computer games are so much fun, much better than watching some silly soap on the television. If you are a teenager (or younger) all you want to do when you come back from school is to race to the computer and log on to your favorite game site or load your game DVD. All this is very well but have you asked your parent’s permission first? Well if you haven’t asked and you dread their answer (which you think is going to be a no) this is how to seek their permission and have them say yes.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, complete all your homework and clean up your room and do the other household work that has been assigned to you.
  2. If you have a test the next day, study for it and see that you are fully prepared. Once everything is complete and you have your books put away and your room all straightened you can then ask your parents if you could play on the computer.
  3. If your parents refuse try telling them that you have finished all your chores, your school work and studying for the test also. If they still refuse try asking them nicely, why.
  4. They might have a good reason for refusing to give you permission to play on the computer. They might want you to go and play with your friends outside, read a good book or do something else instead.
  5. Accept whatever they say without a fuss. If you make a fuss and create a scene chances are that you will asked to go to your room and stay there and you will still not get to play.
  6. Ask them again after dinner, when they are relaxing in front of a T.V. and you just might get them to say yes.


  • Help around and do your chores and your homework each day.
  • Get good grades in your school work.


  • Don’t whine and create a scene if your parents do not allow you to do what you want. You have a better chance of them agreeing to you next time if you give in gracefully now.