How to prevent child abuse from happening

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To prevent child abuse from happening we need to be alert for signs and report the matter to the relevant authorities. Child abuse is both shocking and commonplace. The abusers inflict physical, emotional and sexual violence against innocent children and get away with it because we are too busy with our own lives to know what is happening in the neighborhood. Following are the steps to take if you suspect a case of child abuse close to you.

A few suggestions

  1. If you suspect a case of child abuse in your neighborhood you can report it to the local police authorities or child protection agencies. If you want you can even report the matter to people you se visiting the house. When you report the matter it is not necessary for you to leave a name and address with the authorities.
  2. Sometimes children miss school for days on end without any prior notice. Then again some children come to school after a few day’s absence with marks of physical injury on their body. All these are signs that everything is not well with them. If you are the teacher of such a child then you must notify the principal who will report the matter to relevant authorities while you yourself could visit the family of the child to assess for yourself if everything is fine.
  3. Many times a class mate or friend of the child who has been abused finds out about it. In such a case the friend should tell his/ her parents about what they suspect and let them take the matter up from there.
  4. In case you are related to the abused child (he/ she may be your niece/ nephew or grandchild) you must take up the matter immediately.


  • It becomes even more important that you take some action if you are a social worker and don’t seem to have enough time to attend to all cases. Delegate authority to someone else who is not so busy.


  • Don’t neglect to report the matter to the authorities. Wondering if you should interfere could cause a child its life so don’t procrastinate, even if you not sure you can report suspected abuse.