How to move on with life after a divorce

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To move on with life after a divorce may seem impossible specially to the spouse who has ‘not seen it coming’ and may for a time think that his/ her world has come to an end. In fact the world does come to an end because the person who has vowed to love, honor and obey – through sickness and in health – till death do us part, has decided to abandon you halfway and go on without you. Now, the only person who can help you through this is you yourself so stop feeling sorry for yourself, pick up the pieces and move on. The following guidelines might help you keep your equilibrium.

A few suggestions

  1. Don’t waste time mooning. Remember the more time you take to get over the grief the more difficult it will be to go back to your pre-divorce life and routine. It is easier said than done but it can be done, it must be done.
  2. Break all ties with your ex and either move out of the house or have them move out. However amicable the divorce may have been there is no sense in not letting the wound heal by meeting each other and being ‘friendly’.
  3. Treat the divorce as a purge and consider it as an opportunity for yourself to grab some real happiness and to live life at your own terms.
  4. If you feel angry or sad or even desperate let these feelings wash over you, don’t keep them in check and don’t be overwhelmed by them. Slowly but surely the demons will recede.


  • If you feel that you cannot cope by yourself seek professional help.
  • Give yourself time. Divorce means severing all ties with a person who was part of you, it will take time for you to get used to the feeling that an amputation gives you.


  • Don’t neglect your health either physically or mentally. Eat well, join a gym or a yoga class and meditate. You will find that you have bounced back in no time.
  • Don’t go on an eating binge, this is one of the commonest fall outs of divorce and related depression. Take yourself in hand and generate the will power to overcome this crisis in life.