How to have a great bond with your mother

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To Have a Great Bond with Your Mother requires love and caring from both the side of the mother as well as the son/ daughter. This relationship is unquestionably the most complex of all human bonds and needs nurturing and care to keep it growing.

A few thumb rules

  1. Be open and frank with your mother and share your day with her; this is a great way to build a healthy relationship.
  2. Help your mother by lending a hand in the household chores and doing the odd jobs that she assigns you without making a fuss about it. Making too much noise about what you did takes away from the help that you gave.
  3. Keep your room clean and tidy, not only when she tells you to but even otherwise.
  4. If you have to watch that program on T.V. or read that book, be sure to finish your school work first.


  • Appreciate your mother’s cooking and compliment her on the new recipe she tried even if you think that it could be improved upon.
  • Offer to vacuum the carpet once in a while, let her know that you care.
  • Buy her a present on her birthday or give her a gift or a card, even if it a little gift or a small bunch of flowers, she will love you for caring.
  • Remember to wish her on Mother’s Day, and if you buy her a gift make it a thoughtful one. If you are unsure ask your elder sister, she is sure to know what your mother wants.


  • Don’t try to get out of situations by lying to your mother. Lies to mothers have a nasty habit of coming back to haunt the liar.
  • Don’t argue with her about everything, remember Mother knows best. If you want, you can come back later and make your point politely without making a scene.
  • Don’t invite your punk friends home when you know that it does not please her to see them. Instead, meet them at the corner soda fountain.