How to form a secret Santa

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If you work in an office or have a large family, buying gifts for the children alone can be a wallet breaking experience. A Secret Santa for the adults can ease the burden and there are still gifts for everyone.

Write names

  • The first step in starting a Secret Santa is to write down the names of all the adults in your family on small pieces of paper. If you are doing Secret Santa for your office, write down all the names of you co-workers. Remember to include managers and supervisors, after all it is Christmas, and they are employees also.
  • Fold all of the papers in half and put them in a large contain. A bowl or a paper bag is recommended so none of the names can be seen. In decades gone by, hats were used to house the names for Secret Santa drawing, but nobody wears them anymore.
  • Ask everyone in you office or family to draw one paper with a name on it. It is very important that you only include the names of people who will be attending your Secret Santa Party. It would be a terrible thing if someone drew a name and then did not attend the party to exchange gifts.
  • Once all the names are drawn, set a spending limit. There will be people who can afford more expensive gifts than other. It would not be in the Christmas spirit to make someone feel that his or her gift is inadequate or cheap.

Keep it a secret

Once the names have been drawn, do not tell anyone what name you drew no matter how tempted you are. It will defeat the "Secret" part of the Secret Santa.