How to explain to your first born about your pregnancy

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To explain to your first born about your pregnancy and the approaching birth of a brother or sister has to be done in the right way and handled in a very sensitive manner. Any couple’s first child is very vulnerable about his/ her position in the family and in the parent’s heart and to find that position threatened by a new arrival who seems to take up all the time that was earlier the first child’s by right, can become very devastating. To avoid painful scenes later on it is much better to prepare the first child and explain to him/ her about what is going to happen. If you as a parent are clueless as to how to handle the situation here are some handy hints.

A few suggestions

  1. It would be best to include your first child into all your pregnancy related activities right from the beginning. Break the news to him/ her right away and if your first born is a toddler then tell them that you have their baby brother or sister in your stomach.
  2. Let the child accompany you to your doctor’s appointments and listen to the baby’s heart beat. You could also ask the doctor (if the doctor is friendly) to explain to the child about what is taking place in your stomach.
  3. Tell the child that you would require all the help that the child could possibly give you in looking after the baby. Let the child help you in preparing the nursery and buy all that you need for the baby with you.
  4. Tell the child that he/ she would need to play daddy or mommy from time to time and show (with the help of a doll) how to change diapers and feed the baby.
  5. Allow the child to pack for you (with your help) for your stay in the hospital and once the baby is born the child could introduce the new member to everyone. He/ she could also pick out the name for the new baby.


  • Let the toddler hold the baby, kiss him/ her and bond with it.
  • Apportion the time that the baby sleeps for your older child.


  • Don’t neglect the older child once you get home from the hospital.
  • Don’t become overprotective of the baby when you get home.