How to cope with difficult persons

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To Cope with Difficult Persons is a talent and a skill that comes mostly with practice and a little with having immense patience. Even though most of us would rather avoid difficult, demanding, close minded and tyrannical individuals, it so happens that sometimes you cannot avoid them. At such times it is best to keep your wits about you and not allow yourself to be baited. Here are a few tips to help you keep your cool.

A few suggestions

  1. Remember that you will encounter difficult people in all walks of life and you cannot avoid meeting them unless you plan to spend all your life as a hermit in the Himalayas.
  2. Remember impossible people are always blaming other for everything that goes wrong. It is never their fault but yours and if you accept that a situation could have developed due to something that you did then you are obviously not difficult.
  3. One thing to guard against is losing your temper against difficult people. Remember if you lose your temper with them it gives them another weapon to fight you with, what you said and did to them at such and such date.
  4. Don’t lose your cool at times when you are dealing with such people. This seems similar to the above suggestion but actually by not losing your cool you not only stay cool you humor the other person. Agree with their most preposterous suggestion or idea and let the situation come to some semblance of reasonability.


  • If things show signs of getting out of hand, seek therapy prior to parting ways with the perpetrator of all the problems.
  • Try your best to not get the other person angry at all costs. Such people hit the ceiling when they lose it and that could land you in a situation that would be beyond you to handle.


  • Don’t become one yourself. Don’t let the other person’s personality rub off on you to such an extent that you begin behaving and thinking like them
  • On the other hand don’t begin to think that you are a rotten person just because the phrase has been thrown at you day in and day out for as long as you can remember.