How to cope with a sneak

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To cope with a sneak requires courage and nerve but such people are best dealt with firmness and determination. Backstabbers may be defined as people who are cruel not to their enemies but to their friends and whose meanness manifests itself when the backs of their friends are turned. Such double talkers are all honey and sweetness to your face but actually malicious and spiteful behind your backs. They pose as your friend but are snakes in their real life. The following tips will help you to deal with such people.

A few suggestions

  1. Remember people who talk behind other people’s backs usually don’t last long. Their friend and colleagues learn to keep information close their chests because a backstabber is soon found out and finally they are left friendless. In that sense they are their own worst enemy. Of course a seasoned backstabber knows how to hide their tracks in such a manner that the lead may run cold before it reaches them.
  2. It is best not to engage in a direct confrontation with such sneaks. They have already got you all mapped out and will be ready to stoop to any level to prove themselves. They obviously know that you cannot degrade yourself the way they can so it is best to avoid a head on collision and deal with such matters with more intelligent strategy.
  3. Then again there are certain times when the matter is dealt with by telling the truth to the person to whom it matters and to whom the lies about you had been told. This can be done without sounding like a sneak yourself by not discussing the backstabber, but in passing, when it cannot be avoided.
  4. Finally the truth about sneaks does dawn on the rest of the world and on the people to whom it matters and then the sneak has no way out but to retract his/ her position.


  • Trust you gut feeling. It generally tells you the truth about a person and what kind they are. Watch their eyes, eyes are the most difficult to disguise and a sneak will out.
  • Trust your old friends, if they tell you something about a new acquaintance, listen to them.


  • Don’t be shy of finding out details about a person whom you have doubts about. Finally those details are going to save you a lot of trouble.