How to convince your loved ones to stop smoking

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To convince your loved ones to stop smoking is a task that requires a lot of patience and perseverance before it can bear fruit. People start smoking for various reasons. Some begin smoking to alleviate stress and life problems, others because they want to appear mature, self confident and independent while there are some who take to the habit due to peer pressures and to gain social acceptance. It is always worrying to find people close to you addicted to smoking. Here are some helpful hints of how to get them off the habit.

A few suggestions

  1. Ask them to take the first step and admit that they have an addiction. They must realize in their heart of hearts that they do, ask them to accept it by saying so or writing it down.
  2. Next, pick out a strategy that would work. There are many methods that facilitate quitting like cold turkey method or the nicotine patch method. Help select a method that suits the temperament of the person.
  3. Tell the person that you there to help and assist in their battle against tobacco and let them know that you are there with them all the way.
  4. Let them know that you are just a phone call away during emergencies and when the craving gets bad.
  5. Think positive and help the other person remain upbeat too. Tell them to develop some alternative catharsis therapy when the going gets tough like going for a jog or eating ice cream.
  6. Explain to them that quitting is a very difficult job and hardly anyone succeeds the first time round. Let them try and try again and not give up.


  • Throw away all the triggers and cues like ashtrays, matches lighters etc from home and if they make a reappearance throw them again.
  • Some slip ups will happen from time to time. Support your loved ones at such times.


  • Don’t be too hard on them or strict or critical. The first two weeks are the most crucial with violent mood swings and erratic behavior.