How to bring solace to those near death

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To Bring Solace to Those Near Death can be a very traumatic and heartrending experience, especially for the near and dear ones of the dying. The most important aim when death is near is to do what the person, who is dying, would choose. In most cases the person is aware of the impending death and has participated in decisions about how to live and die. If they have not been able to help you plan ahead because of illness, then you should strive to do what you think this person would want done. Here are some suggestions of how to help the dying in their last days.

A few suggestions

  1. Most people who are dying are aware of their impending death and need companionship and love to alleviate the last days of their life. So be there for them and with them as much as possible. Don’t let them suffer in solitude.
  2. If they are in extreme physical pain, then employ a nurse who can administer medication to alleviate the pain. This is assuming that they are at home and not at a hospital.
  3. Those near death go through a lot of physical hardships and as a result you may find that they look like a shadow of their former self, their bodies may become pitiably emaciated and their cheeks sunken. All this should not make you flinch away, let the dying know through your gestures that they are ever dignified and respected.
  4. In their last days they may become incontinent or go into a coma. Keep them clean and dry always and turn them from one side to the other to prevent bed sores.
  5. Help them with your presence. Hold their hand and sit in silence. Talk only if they show any inclination and even then talk of happy times, their life and activities that brought them accolades.


  • Prepare for physical problems ahead of time, consult the doctor for signs of pain that you should look for.
  • Make a list of people to call near the time of death, telephone them or write to them and let them know.


  • Don’t cry or disturb the patient more than you can help, show courage in their last moments and help them too to keep their courage.
  • Don’t call 911 or an emergency team if it can be avoided.