How to become an exemplary mother or father

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To become an exemplary mother or father is the goal of every person who is blessed with having children. To be a good parent is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world as well as being the most rewarding if you are able to raise good human beings. It may also be one of the hardest as well as humbling experiences in your life, so exult in your parenthood and make the most of it but give your children good values that they may pass on to their children. Here are some helpful pointers to being a good mother of father.

A few suggestions

  1. Be someone that your child can identify with, try and understand their feelings and the emotions that they are experiencing. You passed through the same phase once, remember?
  2. Do not laugh at them, instead laugh with them and you will find that they have become your friends.
  3. Be patient with them. Give them space and do not lose your temper for all the little things that they do like talk loudly or sing along with the music system or something silly like that.
  4. Discipline them. All children flower under correct discipline so put down reasonable rules and regulations and make sure that the whole family (including you) follows those rules. Gentle but firm should be your motto.
  5. Be a role model to your children. Show by example what you want them to do and learn


  • Get as involved with the day to day activities of the child as you can afford. This will help in building the confidence of the child.


  • Don’t send mixed signals to your children. If you instruct them to behave in a certain manner, then you too must behave in a similar manner to reinforce the instruction and not behave in a contradictory manner to confuse them.
  • Don’t ever compare your children with other or siblings with each other. This fosters unhealthy competition.