How to become a caring child

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To Become a Caring Child or to be an exemplary offspring is an attitude and a characteristic that is almost lost in this day and age. To love and respect your parents and have them love and respect you back is an ongoing process and mostly requires instinct and a little additional help to get you going.

A few thumb rules

  1. Parents’ love for their children is unconditional and unquestionable. You can show your appreciation by loving and respecting them in return.
  2. All parents want the best for their children. They want to guide and help and the least the children can do is listening to their parents and trying to follow their advice.
  3. Helping at home in every day chores like doing the dishes, carrying out the garbage, cleaning the house, or vacuuming the carpets can go a long way in showing appreciation for your parents.
  4. A child can also help by listening to his/ her parents’ problems instead of always airing their own.


  • Listen to your parents’ counsel. They want your best and generally give sound advice.
  • Help around the house and follow instructions.
  • Do little things, like bringing your mother a bunch of flowers and washing your father’s car without expecting anything in return.
  • Learn to appreciate what your parents go through and the sacrifices they make for your sake.


  • Don’t argue about everything, what you think is right is not always so and arguing loudly will only make matters worse.
  • Don’t do things which your parents will not like and which you yourself do not believe in (like piercing your tongue), just because all your friends have got it done or it is the cool thing to do.
  • Don’t compare your parents to other parents and other families, not only because it is very bad manners but also because you do not know what goes on within the four walls of other people’s homes and what seems perfect to an outsider may not always be so.