How to be the apple of your parents’ eyes

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To Be the Apple of Your Parents’ Eyes requires nothing more than just to be a normal regular person whom they can depend upon as and when the need arises. For them to be proud of you does not require you to do something heroic or out of the ordinary or something that they could never dream of doing. Being an upright, honest and law abiding individual will count more towards their pride for you than all your promises to conquer the world. Here are a few simple day to day suggestions to help you on the way.

A few thumb rules

  1. Have respect for your parents; it is the first and foremost way to earn their respect in return.
  2. Follow the routine in the house and chip in with the housework. Taking the garbage out, cleaning your room and generally helping with the household chores will help keep your status in the family.
  3. Believe in unconditional love for your parents, just as theirs is for you; the rest will all fall into place.
  4. Keep communication channels clear. Problems between you and your parents will primarily arise due to lack of communication.
  5. Try and do well at your studies. Everyone cannot make the honor role but there is no harm in trying, in fact it might just help you discover what you are good at.
  6. Do not argue about house rules, extending curfew time or getting more independence is all right, but you need to earn them through your deeds not through loud arguments.


  • Be polite to your parents. Losing your cool because they worry about you is not on. Call them if you are going to be late. It will save them from fretting about you unnecessarily.
  • Share you dreams and your aspirations with them and ask them for their advice while taking major decisions.


  • Don’t ever think that you have grown larger than your parents; you are what they have helped you become.