How to be a caring elder sister

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To be a Caring Elder Sister is a role that seems easy in theory but requires infinite patience and understanding to execute. It is more difficult to be an elder sister that a parent because an elder sister needs to take decisions and responsibility like an adult while being a child herself. The act is rendered even more arduous because the younger siblings are not ready to follow instructions and ‘listen to’ their elder sister as readily as they do to their parents. Then again, some youngsters try to be like their elder siblings which many elder sisters find quite irritating. One can become an exemplary elder sister by following some simple steps.

Few thumb rules

  1. It does not pay to be condescending towards your younger siblings. They find it belittling and end up not respecting you enough. If it is required, you may be firm but polite, and teach by setting a good example.
  2. Take time out from your own routine to spend time with them, they appreciate it more than you realize, even though they may not usually be vocal about it.
  3. If you are domineering towards your younger siblings it will only make them timid; instead of growing with you they may grow away from you.


  • Play games that interest your younger siblings and be patient while playing, because remember they have shorter attention spans than you and may lose interest if the game is too intricate.
  • Help with their schoolwork and make them feel welcome when they come asking you for assistance.
  • Try to sort out their fight without it reaching the elders in the family. They will appreciate your help.


  • Don’t ever laugh at their efforts, either at work or play, it will sap their confidence.
  • Don’t fight with them as their equal, in fact give in gracefully if it is just a fight over a parent’s attention or who gets what.
  • Do not get into scraps with other family members or elders in front of your younger siblings, remember they want to follow your footsteps and copy your behavior.