How to Dress up As Edd from Ed, Edd

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When you are dressing up as ed edd and eddy, you need to get into character. It is important to get the attitude and mentality correct.

Things you will need

  • Red shirt
  • A pair of purple denim shorts
  • A hat with two white stripes
  • A pair of red socks
  • A pair of red and white sneakers
  • The ability to act completely stupid for a day!

A white colored pencil or white out to make the two white stripes on the hat if they are not already there.

How to dress

  • Study a poster of the characters. This will give you an idea of who wears what and what goes where.
  • Try to get a couple of your friends to dress up as Ed and Eddy so you have the whole gang with you.
  • If you are a girl trying to portray a boy, it is still easy. Just wear a bigger T-Shirt!
  • Do not mind it if people look at you like you are some type of loon, you are trying to have fun.
  • Make sure you tell your friends and family about your plan so no one is terrified of the weirdo dressed like Edd running around their neighborhood.
  • Since you are being Edd, make sure you do not trip and fall face flat while jogging about.
  • Make sure you watch out for the dropping of your IQ level!
  • When going out for candy, be sure to ask for gumballs often.
  • Watching the Television cartoon can really give you insight on how to act. Study the many mannerisms of the character so that you can portray them correctly.