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Health is defined as the overall condition of a living thing at a given time, especially paying attention to the presence of disease. The physical health of a person is not the only thing that is taken into consideration; emotional, social and mental well-being is also a concern which determines the overall health of a person. When someone is in good health, they have achieved a positive balance within the body. A person’s well-being is measured by factors, such as environment, nutrition and diet, as well as level of exercise.

Health Insurance

Health insurance deals with a prepayment plan that provides services or cash prepayment plan providing services or coverage for medical care. This becomes available when individuals are in time of need during an illness or disability. Health insurance is needed because it protects individuals and families from stressful financial situations that may be caused from health care expenses.

Health insurance is comprised of voluntary plans, which are either commercial or nonprofit, as well as provided by a compulsory national insurance plan that is mostly connected with a social security program. These type of programs date back from 1850 and has increasingly become a hot topic within the United States because of the amount of money spent on insurance coverage.

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