David Mamet

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David Mamet grew up in a Suburb of Chicago. He is a writer of some renowned. In 1989, he won the Pulitzer Prize for his play Glengarry Glen Ross. Mamet was also nominated for an Academy Award for his screenplay The Verdict. House of Games is the first movie Mamet directed. He also has written three novels The Village (1994) The Old Religion (1997) and Wilson a Consideration of the Sources (2003). He is also an essayist, poet and has written children stories. Mamet work is usually describes as having lively plots, meaning they are not formulaic. Mamet stories have male characters who are strong, crude dialogue and tension filled verbal encounters.

Mamet and acting

Mamet wrote a book titled: True and False. In it he talks about acting. Mamet suggests that an actor should take a honest, direct approach to acting and that it is the playwrights job to develop the character. Critics think Mamet ideas about acting comes from ignorance. However, this book is a success with actors just starting out. There are those who thinks this is because Mamet makes acting sound easy. Yet, there are others who believe the reason the book is so popular with young actors is because he gives practical information to them. Although, Mamet offers no acting method to the replace the ones he is trashing. What Mamet book is basically trying to do is debunk the myth about acting and wants some provoke discussion about it instead of blindly following along.


In May 2005 Mamet has been a blogger at The Huggington Post. In 2004, he published Faustus, another version of the Faust story. He also has created a television series called the Unit which he produces with Shawn Ryan.