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The term dance is a general one. It can refer to a number of activities and originates from the French “dancier”, which means human movement that is used to express something or that is presented in a performance. People that perform dances are called dancers and can have different skills based on the type of dancing they master.

Music and dance

Dance is mainly linked with music and both arts originated in prehistoric times. It is impossible to know which one was first created and which one is a derivation of the original. Modern dancing was created with music and the two are considered indispensable. Special types of dancing have also developed. For instance, step dancing is accompanied by the dancing itself and the postmodern dance is performed without music. This is considered to be “dancing to its own rhythm”. In the past dance and music were performed together. Music developed and with it dancing did as well creating new dances in: tango, salsa, cha cha, electronica, disco, hip-hop and so on. Some music types will also present a special dance, both of them developing with the same basis. For instance Baroque Music is always linked with Baroque Dance. On the other hand other connections have been created with different evolutions. An example stands in Classical Music and Classical ballet. The two were formed separately but can easily be linked in performances.


Several types of dancing can contain choreography. This is a term used to describe both the art of creating a dance and the repeated succession in movement while dancing. The inventors of choreographed movement are called choreographs and they usually create special moves and techniques. These will then be used in performances by their students. Choreography is also used as a derivation from the word “chorea”. This is a special Greek dance that is accompanied by music and consists of circle dancing. Examples of circle dances can be:

  • Khorovod – in Russia
  • Hora – In Romania, Moldova and Israel
  • Horo – In Bulgaria