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Cyber stalking refers to the act of harassing or causing undue stress to another primarily through the use of the use of a computer and an internet connection.

The different States have varying laws on cyber stalking but Florida's cyber stalking law is one of the strictest. Under the Florida State's law, simple cyber stalking is considered a misdemeanor of the first degree. However, it becomes aggravated when cyber stalking is accompanied by a threat not only against the victim’s life, but also of the latter's family members. Under this jurisdiction, aggravated cyber stalking is considered a felony of the third degree.

Unlike the common crime of stalking which creates the fear of being followed whenever the victims goes out of the house, cyber stalking creates a psychological fear of being haunted by the stalker even if the victim is just in the safety of his home.

How done

Cyber stalking is a modern way of pestering people, by taking advantage of the new communication tools brought about by the internet. Cyber stalking is done

  1. by making use of chat rooms and forums and stalking the victim in every forum or chat room he or she goes to
  2. by making use of the victim's email and sending disturbing letters or obscene photos
  3. sending viruses that harm the victim's programs
  4. copying the victim's confidential communications by hacking, and threatening disclosure

A person who is being subjected to cyber stalking should document all the material being sent by the stalker and record the transactions made by stalker. It the stalking continues, and his identity is known, then the offense and the identity of the stalker should be reported to the police. The documents collected by the victims may be used as evidence against the cyber stalker.

Avoid cyber stalking

The increasing use of the internet for personal and business reasons has placed everyone vulnerable to cyber stalking. But since its use has now become a part of almost everyone’s daily life, internet users should know how to avoid becoming victims of cyber stalking

  • report the stalker’s ID or account name to the webmaster
  • when registering on line, make sure there is a privacy agreement and that your name and contact numbers will not be used for any other purpose
  • avoid answering unsolicited emails
  • be careful in when visiting websites