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Creativity is a mental process that people have in the course of their lifetimes. Creativity is the starting point for developing innovation and inspiration. Some people completely associate the word creativity with artistic pursuits such as painting or sculpture. Creativity is also associated with many types of writing like books and poems.

Thoughts about creativity

The idea of creativity started with the ancient Greeks when Plato discussed the Muses breathing inspiration into poets. Some psychologists claim that creative people use the right side of their brain more than the left side of their brain.

Dimensions of creativity

Below are some of the dimensions of creativity. Some elements of creativity are as follows:

  • Intellectual leadership: Creative thinkers are able to create new trends and have other people follow the trends.
  • Sensitivity to problems: The mark of a creative thinker is the ability to identify problems and to open a new channel of thought.
  • Originality: Creative thinkers are able to find new solutions to both new and old problems.
  • Usefulness: The solutions to issues, problems, and plans that creative people come up with are practical, unusual, and original.

Attitudes about creativity

Creativity in Western society is praised in principle but creativity is panned in practice. Creative people may be seen as loose cannons or strange people in an organized and work conscious society. The imagine of creativity in the West conjures up the picture of people using drugs, the celebration of strange behavior, poverty stricken artists, and bohemian sexual morals.