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Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid obtained from dried coca leaves. Cocaine is a central nervous system stimulant. It suppresses the appetite, increases energy levels, and creates a ‘euphoric sense of happiness.’ It was once used to lessen pain in medicine and dentistry, but is habit forming and addictive when used as a stimulant. It is now illegal to possess, cultivate, or distribute cocaine for either medicinal purposes or otherwise nearly worldwide.


Cocaine Banned

For the longest time it was unknown that cocaine was addictive, but by the 20th century scientists began to figure it out. The problem was clear and became an issue of high attention in the United States. In 1922 the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act banned the nonprescription use of cocaine and cocaine-containing products.

Current Usage

In Western countries cocaine is better known as ‘coke,’ but is also referred to as ‘white,’ ‘blow,’ ‘snow,’ and ‘nose candy.’ It has turned into a highly popular recreational drug. The use of the drug has grown immensely in the late 20th century in the United States and the UK. It is the second most popular illegal drug in America and has the highest annual street value. It is estimated that the cocaine market in the United States passed #35 million on the streets in 2003 and continues to rise.


Chew by Mouth

The easiest way to take cocaine is to chew the coca plant leaves. This way is not as effective as some and only small amounts of cocaine will make it into the bloodstream. Effects are the same as a mild stimulant.


This is the most common way to take cocaine in the Western world and the most popular way used in recreation. The drug is cut into fine particles, usually with a razor blade or credit card, rolled up, usually in a dollar bill, and snorted. Pens and straw are also used to snort coke. Cocaine is also spread on the end of cigarettes and inhaled.


When injected, cocaine produces a rush which passes quickly. This is the way to get the highest blood level of the drug possible in the shortest amount of time.


Cocaine is smoked using a pipe and a glass tube. It is held over a flame (usually a cigarette lighter) and the vapor is inhaled as the rock melts away.