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A clown is a special type of comedian that can perform on stage, in television shows, in circuses and rodeos. Several clowns will also be seen on parades and can entertain people in street performances as well. What makes them different from other comedians can be found in their costumes: make up, colorful costumes, “weird” hats, wigs, a huge, red nose and large footwear. In most cases the clown will resort to physical comedy and slapstick humor in his shows.

The beginning

The word “clown” has been formed from other terms like “clod” or “clot”. It can be defined as “clumsy fellow”. In the past clowns were different than today and the earliest form of clown that can be traced stands in the court jester. They were people that could talk about anything and were not censored in their words. This is because they brought laughter to the royalty and this was his purpose. He was an entertainer that could speak anytime he wanted and could find something humorous in a situation. Sometimes he had a physical handicap that was a main theme in making people laugh. The technique is called “butt jokes”


When addressing the subject of skills needed for a clown there are different point of views. Based on the audience, the entertainer can resort to any trick, just as long as he can make people laugh without creating unwanted tensions. One that desires to become a clown can even go to a clown school to start learning the needed skills. There is a popular belief that clowns can do anything and this stands in the variety of entertainment methods used. Circus clowns are different from “normal” clowns because they will also take the place of another act in their performance. They can:

  • Ride animals
  • Perform acrobatic moves
  • Can become a lion tamer (as a joke and not in reality)
  • Can become the circus ringmaster
  • Can sometimes be substituted by a professional performer so that the clown will do incredible things. The substitution usually takes place in the back and is very fast so that people will not realize the switch took place.


Along the career of a clown he will learn different things. He will also develop some untold customs that are considered a basis for such a performer. Examples can be provided in:

  • A clown will never talk badly of another clown. Usually another clown is not even mentioned in his act.
  • Clowns develop their unique features. A clown will never copy or dress like another one.
  • In Great Britain each clown has its own clown face painting. You can not find two entertainers that have the same type of make up.
  • Clowns do not wear blue face paint. This is because it is considered bad luck and is a common superstition among clowns.