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Clinique is a cosmetics brand that was launched by Estee Lauder, Inc.



Estee Lauder, Inc. launched Clinique in 1968. It gained recognition as the first dermatologist-guided, allergy tested and fragrance free cosmetics brand.

Product line

Clinique’s product line was originally centered on the 3-Step Skin Care System (see below), but has expanded to include a men’s 3-step system (which uses a “Scruffing Lotion” instead of a toner), an extensive cosmetics and fragrance line as well as hair care products, additional skin-care products and sunless tanning lotions (and sunscreens).

It also has specialized a product line, CX, for men and women who suffer from Rosacea.

About the company

In addition to being the first cosmetics brand of its type to offer allergy-tested, fragrance-free products, Clinique places its emphasize of meeting an individual person’s skin care needs by focusing on categorizing skin types.

Today it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers (sold in more than 130 countries and territories) and marketers of skin care, makeup and fragrance products. The products are typically available in department and specialty stores.

The three-step system

Clinique’s original product line emphasized a 3-Step Skin Care System. This system was based on cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing (accomplished by a variety of Clinique soaps, a toner called “clarifying lotion” and the “dramatically different moisturizing lotion,” respectively). Each element in this system was tailored for different skin types (dry, oily, normal and combination) with numbered toner. For instance, combination skin would use toner strength “2.”

This line is still an important part of the Clinique skin care regimen and is still heavily promoted at the Clinique cosmetic counters.