Baby food

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Baby food is food that is made especially for infants and very young children.

Who eats it

Baby food is primarily for children ages six months up to the age of two years. Since each child is different, parents should seek their pediatrician’s advice as to when to start feeding their child baby food: Some babies need food other than breast milk or formula earlier than others. Typically a baby will start to eat solid food once he or she has developed enough teeth to allow the baby to sufficiently chew.

Other signs of a baby being ready include the ability to sit up without help and an active showing of interest in food that other people are eating. If attention is paid to the possibility of choking hazards, a baby may be started directly on normal family foods. In fact, these foods are often a good choice since breast milk develops the flavor of foods that have been eaten by the mother.

Food types

Baby food comes in a wide variety of types and flavor from many different manufacturers. They are designed so that they are easy to eat and do not require teeth or contain large objects that a child may choke on if he or she does not chew properly. They are typically soft; a liquid-like paste or food that can easily be chewed.

Many baby foods that are bought commercially (especially meats) are mainly composed of a filler material like cornstarch.

Introducing baby food

When parents first begin to feed their child baby food, it is suggested that one new food at a time is introduced. Parents should then leave a few days in between consumption of that food and consumption of any other new foods to allow them to notice any reactions that may indicate a possible food allergy.