Animal House

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National Lampoon’s Animal House began what is known in film as the “gross-out” genre. It starred little known actors such as John Belushi, Tim Matheson, and Kevin Bacon. Donald Sutherland, the highest paid actor in the film, was considered a “must” in order to have Universal pick up the movie. Produced on a measly $3 million budget, Animal House has since made over $200 million in DVD and video. The movie was based on stories that had originally been published in National Lampoon magazine and was directed by John Landis.


Animal House was filmed on the campus of the University of Oregon located in Eugene, Oregon. The script had actually been sent to numerous colleges and universities with the hopes of using each prospective location. Every institution turned down the film except the University of Oregon. At the time the Dean was reflecting back to when he was president of a small California college and was given the opportunity to have The Graduate filmed on his campus. He turned it down thinking it was trash only to see the movie explode and become a giant success. Since he did not want to repeat earlier mistakes, he agreed to take on the movie.

Film bloopers

The movie was filmed in 1978 but the action of the story is set in 1962. A number of period discrepancies as well as other blunders can be found in the movie.

  • During a parade scene, spectators are wearing bell-bottoms, a style that wasn‘t popular until the 1970’s.
  • Flounder’s Lincoln Continental is actually a 1964 model.
  • A sticker on a refrigerator depicts the Bicentennial year 1976.
  • While the confiscation of property at the Delta house is going on, the fraternity letters on the front of the house change from Delta Tau Chi to Delta Chi Tau.
  • The song most closely associated with the film, “Louie, Louie”, was not actually released until April of 1963.
  • When Katy and Boon are getting high at Professor Jennings’ place, they sing the song “Hey, Paula.” It was not actually released until 1963, a year after the film supposedly takes place.