Anaerobic exercise

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Unlike aerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise makes energy available to muscles immediately. Sprinting and weight lifting are forms of anaerobic exercise. During anaerobic workouts, the body is conditioned to exert a maximum amount of energy for a minimum amount of time. In addition, anaerobic exercise increases the resting metabolism of an individual therefore aiding in weight loss and increasing muscle mass.


Anaerobic activity has many benefits. Individuals engaging in this high intensity workout often are able to burn calories at an increased rate as well as enjoy the effect of a faster metabolism. Though anaerobic workouts are shorter than aerobic workouts, they are performed at a much higher intensity. This higher intensity promotes lean tissue in the body.

Lactic acid

Anaerobic exercise makes energy immediately available to the body by converting blood sugars into lactic acid. Lactic acid causes muscle fatigue resulting is shorter bursts of energy. Following an anaerobic workout, an individual must rest his or her body and allow oxygen to repair the damaged muscle before engaging in another activity. This fatigue limits the amount of time energy can be expended to mere minutes, even seconds.


Aerobic exercises are quick and intense. Most anaerobic workouts last usually no more than three minutes but more often than not, last a few seconds. Sprinters, for example, complete their workouts within seconds of beginning. In addition, most workouts contain sets. Sets are short activities that promote anaerobic workouts. A weight lifter may do three or four sets of high intensity lifts. Each set may include no more than five to ten lifts.