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Aesthetics is also the branch of philosophy that studies and ponders the idea of beauty and taste. It also discusses the topic of art and ugliness. An aesthetic is a concept used in particular school of philosophy that studies art and beauty along with talks about certain standards of beauty.

Philosophers that talked about aesthetics

Since aesthetics was such a popular topic to study and discuss, many philosophers have given their ideas and opinions about aesthetics. Some philosophers that have talked about aesthetics are as follows:

  • Plato
  • Aristotle: He believed that the universal elements of beauty were order, symmetry, and definiteness.

Immanuel Kant: He wrote the book called The Critique of the Power of Judgment.

Aesthetics in the arts

There are many fields of art in which aesthetics plays and huge role and is talked about much in academic and social circles. Here are some of the art fields in which aesthetics plays a part in our lives:

  • Visual Arts: This field of art is associated with the sense of sight and includes both painting and sculpture.
  • Music: This art field touches our ears and sometimes excites our passions.
  • Performing Arts: This field of art appeals to our need of good storytelling, grace, strength, and humor
  • Music: This field of art can affect our entire being
  • Literature: This area of art touches on short stories, novels, and poetry
  • Gastronomy: Even though food is believed to be a very common commodity in the world, people sometimes wish to study the aesthetic possibilities of food which can turn eating into the art of gastronomy. Chefs, though the use of food likes to give people the aesthetic enjoyment of food.