North Carolina

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North Carolina is a Southern state in the United States bordered by Virginia, South Carolina, George, Tennessee, and the Atlantic Ocean.


The land now known as North Carolina was once home several Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, Creek, Tuscarora, Lumbee, and Catawba.

The area was the site of the first two English attempts to colonize North America. Both failed and one, Roanoke Island, remains one of the biggest mysteries in America’s history.

The first permanent colonist came north from successful Virginian settlements. By 1663, North Carolina had a thriving English population.

In 1860, North Carolina joined the Confederacy after President Abraham Lincoln pushed an attack on South Carolina. North Carolina contributed more men than any other Confederate state – 281,205.


North Carolina is known best for Fort Bragg, the biggest military base in the United States. North Carolina is also home to several other smaller military bases.

The state’s economy relies heavily upon tobacco, despite the United State’s attempts to deter smoking. Other agriculture is also important to North Carolina, including cotton and livestock. Financial institutions, textiles, and paper are also large industries in North Carolina.

More than 8.5 million people call North Carolina home. The state population is growing at a higher rate than the country’s population. North Carolina is also the site of a growing Hispanic and Asian population, with ethnic minorities making up more than 30 percent of the population.

Higher education facilities include Duke University, John Wesley, Queen’s University, and University of North Carolina.