Data Recovery Center

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A data recovery center can be defined, if related to information technology, as the area within the data center which offers the possibilites to store and manage the data recovery operations.

Data recovery center is a highly specialised area of a data center, it offers many facilities related to data recovery operations such as the ability to store and administer the stored backup data and of course carry out the operations of data recovery. The most two important concepts dealing with a data recovery center are the RPO(recovery point objective) and the RTO (recovery time objective). The RPO basically means what the target computer will show as a result of a roll back, typically the aim is to restore to a moment of time as close as possible to the moment of failure. The RTO on the other hand means the period that will pass between the moment of the failure and the moment of the establishment of the roll back, to decrease this period the trend is to shift from storage like offsite tape storage to online availability or even complete mirroring on a failover site. The traditional medium to use for data recovery centers is tape storage due to its reliability. Of course other more conventional backup solutions can be used such as hard drives, compact disks, mirroring (replicating the site) and so on. The only thing that matters are the results more specific the ability to reestablish the infrastructure and make it available online at the fastest rate possible.