York Rite

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The York Rite is one of the bodies of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed to supplement and amplify his Masonic knowledge. The York Rite takes its name from the old English city of York. The York Rite is not a religion in itself, it does, however, expand arguments based on the Medieval Crusades.

The degrees

The York Rite consists of the degrees of the Royal Arch, the Council of Royal and Select Masters and the orders of the Knights Templar. None of these degrees requires any memorization to progress from one degree to another; instead there are many easily learned parts that any interested Mason may acquire. In the York Rite, most of the work is done by a cast of actors who have make up on to more vividly depict the message and they are also robed to add to the impressiveness of the lessons.

1.The chapter of the Royal Arch Masons is the first order that a Master Mason joins in the York Rite: It confers the following degrees:

  • The Mark Master Mason degree;
  • The Past Master (Virtual) degree;
  • The Most Excellent Master degree and
  • The Royal Arch Mason degree

2.The Cryptic Masonry Council is so called because an underground room or crypt is an important part in the conferring of the degrees, which are:

  • The Royal Master;
  • The Select Master and
  • The Super Excellent (optional)

The final order in the York Rite is the Knights Templar and it confers three orders:

  • Order of Red Cross
  • Order of Malta
  • Order of the Temple