Website promotion

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Typically website promotion can be defined as the inherent process of attempting to gain more visitors to a website by the use of various techniques such as search engine optimization (most commonly referred by its acronym SEO), content writing and development and search site submission.


The key factor in promoting a website nowadays is the search engine related effort. Starting from the mere site’s submission to a search, going through the ongoing effort to optimize the website specifically to rank high on a search engine query and finishing with the pay per click techniques search engines themselves are awarded a great deal of importance and with good reason. Although many sites still use the old way of advertising such as banners, offering subscriptions (often free) or even setting up referring programs for their users it was found that the search engines can attract the highest numbers of visitors. Search engine optimization is a slightly grey zone mainly because it involves manipulating certain algorithms more in the favor of the commercial sites rather than in that of the common user. This has turned the industry into a cat and mouse game where the SEO experts and the search engine developers battle to insure their own interests. A compromise to this ongoing fight is the advent of pay per click ads, which offer a chunk from the money generated by the traffic that websites experience to the search engines themselves.

Other types

Of course there are also other methods employed by the webmasters to promote their sites. These include:

  • Basic promotion by adding the URL to various items such as uniforms, emails and newsletters.
  • Traffic exchange programs.
  • Constant development of good content.
  • Press releases and reviews from other sites.
  • Promotional services and freebies.
  • Promotion through the use of various related web sites (usually forums).