Viral marketing

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The term viral marketing is the idea that someone is going to pass along some incredibly “cool” content to the recipient. The content is usually some sort of funny video clip, interactive flash games, images, toolbars, search engines, and even text. Usually the recipient of this exciting content is required to sign up for it and give out personal contact information such as name, phone number, or e-mail.]

Viral marketing promotion

This helps promote an online company’s awareness at a low cost, more so than direct mail, and reaches the same amount of people. Furthermore, this is how a company creates a large data base of emails in which they can send people advertisements. This is not considered Spam, because the person has chosen to sign up.

It is a way for businesses and online companies to trick you into giving them your personal information, especially your email. The whole purpose of them wanting to give people free access to various Internet tools, expressions and games is so they can keep track of those who are on the Internet. This has raised some concern about privacy in some people who say that consumers should be careful when signing up for these promotions.

Other viral marketing techniques

Viral marketing also often involves the tell-a-friend technique, in which a person gives the viral marketer emails of people they know, and then the recipient thinks it is an email from their friend.

Another ways that viral ads are spread involve the use of the chain letter where the information is supposed to be passed along to a certain number of people on a list, and then each recipient ads people to that list.

Likewise, viral advertisements are spread through the use of the advertiser rewarding a person for giving them someone’s email or other information. Then, if that person signs up and participates in the promotion, the original person that signed up gets credit for this.

Viral marketing can be thought of as borderline legitimate advertising, but is not always the most inviting type for most people. Therefore, people sometimes shy away from giving out their personal information to companies they do not know.