Top-level domain

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A domain name includes the letters that follow the “@” sign in your email address. The Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the group of letters that comes after the “dot.” For example, .com, .org and .gov are top-level domains. The authority that determines the classification of TLDs is known at the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (INAA).

The INAA developed a three-part classification system that is divided as follows:

  • Generic Domains – (gTLD) – These were the first TLDs assigned as part of domain names. Examples include .org, .com and .edu.
  • Infrastructure Domain – There is currently only one infrastructure domain, .arpa. It is reserved for the Department of Defense.

Reserved Domains

Currently, there is a list of only four words that should never be used as TLDs. They include:

Additional Information

The INAA receives requests for new TLDs upon occasion. One such example is the request for .love to be a new TLD.