Television commercial

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A television commercial is the purchasing of television airtime to promote an outside advertising agency’s products or services. This is a type of advertising is sometimes called mass media advertising.

First TV Commercial

The first television commercial was aired in July of 1941 when the Bulova Company paid WNBT $9.00 for airtime during a televised baseball game between Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.

Length of commercials

Most television commercials usually last between a few seconds and several minutes. Advertisers of goods and services, political candidates, non-profit groups and other organizations have run successful campaigns with the use of television commercials. In fact, it is almost impossible for a large company or political candidate to be as successful as it wants to be without the use of television commercials.

The best tv commercials

The best television commercials are the ones that are persuasive, and well constructed to communicate to the viewer what is being advertised. The more though that is put into a commercial (but not necessarily how much it costs, or how elaborate it is) the more likely the message of that commercial will be expressed to the consumer.

Some television commercials cost quite a bit of money. Many soft drink companies spend millions of dollars just for seconds of air time after spending millions of dollars filming a commercial. Television commercials are usually meant for people with a huge advertising budget, unless it is a community television channel.