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  1. Travel (2115 bytes)
    17: ...connect to two or more different flights if their destination is quite far.
  2. Transportation (322 bytes)
    1: ...e movement of people or [[comodities]] from one [[destination]] to another.
  3. Rogue planet (1166 bytes)
    3: ...nition to the word planet that focuses not on the destination of the object, but rather on the origin of such a...
  4. Bachelor party (1543 bytes)
    13: *Atlantic City and Las Vegas are popular destinations for bachelor parties in the United States.
    15: *Montreal is a popular Canadian destination, mostly because it has a large number of relaxed ...
  5. Madame Tussauds (2737 bytes)
    13: ...netarium, Madame Tussauds remains a major tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.
  6. 1883 (2536 bytes)
    11: ...o Varna, Bulgaria and then a ferry to their final destination of Istanbul in Turkey.
  7. Chennai (2776 bytes)
    15: ...nai is also sought after as an attractive tourist destination for its long sandy beaches, historical temples an...
  8. Internet traffic (1351 bytes)
    10: ... location to the other. If pings do not reach the destination packet loss occurs. This means that the connectio...
  9. Hilton Hawaiian Village (1616 bytes)
    1: ... to the Hotel and this makes it a very attractive destination for tourists coming to Hawaii. The Village as th...
  10. 1908 (2290 bytes)
    6: ...t Peary, set sail with the Arctic North Pole as a destination.
  11. Berlin (2278 bytes)
    7: ...dreds of thousands of Europeans. Berlin is a main destination for tourists visiting Germany for a long time and...
  12. Singapore (3233 bytes)
    11: Singapore is beginning to be a popular tourist destination. In 2005 over 9 million people visited the countr...
  13. Knight Bus (2010 bytes)
    3: ... have any set route and passengers get off at any destination of their choosing. The interiors of the bus are e...
  14. Charter airline (1935 bytes)
    1: ...person, an individual or a company, to fly to the destination of their choice. Scheduled flights, on the other...
    5: ...s and one finds that they typically go to holiday destinations.
  15. Spa (1408 bytes)
    6: ...a may be a beauty salon that offers spa services. Destination or resort spas are usually in a hotel setting. He...
  16. X86 assembly language (2112 bytes)
    16: # EDI: Destination register
  17. File format (2323 bytes)
    3: ... files: text files store only plain-text, but its destination can vary.
  18. Drug tourism (4585 bytes)
    9: ...ce of marijuana use and possession. Other popular destinations include Southeast Asia and South America. Drug t...
  19. Plastic recycling (7313 bytes)
    121: only delaying its disposal. The final destination for all
  20. Phone fraud (6283 bytes)
    20: ...rried by another at some point between source and destination.

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