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Scaffolding is the term used to define a temporary frame to provide support to workers or material on a construction site. Scaffolding is put around new structures that are being constructed as well as those buildings that are undergoing repairs.

Although any material may be used to put up scaffolding, generally a modular system of metal pipes are used in most developed countries, while bamboo is the favored material used for scaffoldings in Asia. Scaffolding may also include work platforms either suspended from a roof or some other part of a building or be typically built up from the ground with pipe sections, joined together. Platform like scaffoldings are usually erected in a manner which protects the sidewalk below the scaffolding.


There are three ways by which accidents may take place on scaffoldings. These are enumerated as below:

  1. A fall from a height due to lack of fall protection;
  2. Collapse of the scaffolding itself caused by instability or overloading;
  3. Workers being struck by falling tools, work materials, or debris; and,
  4. Workers getting electrocuted, basically because of closeness of the scaffold to overhead power lines.


There are two kinds of people who use scaffoldings on a regular basis.

  1. Erectors and dismantlers: These are workers who are involved with assembling and disassembling erection, alteration and dismantling of scaffolding before other work can commence.
  2. Workers: People who use scaffoldings are those whose work requires them, at least some of the time, to be supported by scaffolding to access the area of a structure where that work is performed.