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Publicity is the act of deliberately attempting to shape the opinion of mass quantities of people regarding a product, service, company, celebrity, or work of art (performing art or visual art).

Business publicity

From the perspective of business marketing, publicity is one of the components of the tools used in promotion of a product or service. It is a tool used along with other forms of advertising such as sales promotion and personal selling. Publicity is what helps get the word out about a particular product, service, or trademark to help increase awareness and sales through advertising.

Publicity from press

Publicity often involves a program geared toward obtaining positive press coverage of a company’s product or service. Basic publicist tools include press releases, telephone conferences, media tours, newswire stories, and internet releases. Usually stories used by these forms of publicity must be of interest to the public or marketing segment that the publicity is target to. Usually stories of public interest are related to current events. For instance, if a mass flood occurs in an area, an alert publicist might compose a publication on how to better prepare for a future flood.

Usually the smart publicist does not wait around for the news to come to them. Instead they create their own opportunities through various events and such as walkathons, art exhibitions, or contests. Furthermore, they might arrange a speaking event, conduct a poll or survey, or issue a report.

Most forms of publicity, whether online or otherwise often can be provided for a low cost. Furthermore, publicity is often free or near free to the public and a very useful tool to spread word of a company and its promotional program.