Outward Bound

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Lawrence Holt and Kurt Hahn opened the first Outward Bound School in Wales in 1941. The mission of this school was to educated young sailors on how to survive the severe weather and conditions at sea. The education of these young men focused primarily on increasing their self-confidence and persistence. Since then, Outward Bound has opened more than 40 schools. The aim of each school is to promote growth, both personally and professionally, strengthen social skills and increase self-confidence by bringing students on demanding outdoor journeys that allow them to work both independently and as a team while navigating the trials.


Outward Bound first came to the United States when Joshua Miner, in 1961, convinced the government to allow Outward Bound training for Peace Corp members. Outward Bound runs both schools and centers in the United States and abroad. Outward Bound Schools are designed to use travel as the educational tool and Outward Bound Centers are located within city limits and work primarily with the public educational facilities of the city in which they reside.


Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound is a reform school that works in conjunction with over 100 rural and urban school districts across the United States and Puerto Rico. The mission of this part of Outward Bound is to promote exceptionality by fostering desires to self improve through active learning. Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound works closely with all levels of primary education.