Online marketing

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Online marketing is the act of promoting over the Internet. It includes a variety of online advertising such as banner ads, e-mail marketing, and text ads of all kinds.

The most common tools used in online marketing are online, word of mouth, and pay per click advertising, banners, and search engine optimization, link campaigns, email, newsletter, and viral marketing, blogs, wikis, and discussion boards.

Purpose of online marketing

The purpose of online marketing is to provide a more personable way to let people know about a business or product. This is done via human conversation, such as in an online chat or discussion, in which people reply back and forth. This helps consumers learn about the company as that company establishes a positive report with them. The more confidence those customers have in a particular online business, the more likely they are to buy from that company.

A customer will most often be satisfied with a company that does honest business, and provides a prompt service. It is easier to provide this type of service over the Internet, especially since often credit card, online check, Paypal, and other payment methods can provide easy access to the customers.

Advantages of online marketing

Online marketing is usually less costly than TV, radio, and even sometimes newspaper advertisings. It is also less costly than postal mailings. It is an inexpensive way to reach a mass amount of people within a short time.

The purpose of online marketing

The purpose of online marketing is to be able to serve the online public, and to sell them a useful product or service. It also helps the public be aware of exactly how a product or service can be of use to them.

It can include e-mail marketing as well. However, those participating in e-mail marketing need to be sure that they have the recipient’s permission to send them e-mail. Furthermore, they should make sure to remove anyone who no longer wants to be on that advertiser’s list.

Regardless of the type of advertising used by a company who prefers to sell online rather than in person, the purposes of online marketing are applied as listed above.