National Gallery

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Major national art galleries that are open to the public are national art galleries. These galleries appear in many countries, and display collections of art like paintings, photography, sculpture, collages and other types of art. National galleries are of great cultural importance, as they display the artistic culture and treasures of a specific country. Insight into the values of a country can be better understood by viewing its art galleries. These galleries are open to the public, to better influence a country's people with the pride and joy that a great art gallery can display. They also provide educational experiences in a country's art history.

Famous national art galleries

There are many famous national galleries around the world. Australia has the National Art Gallery of Australia in its capitol city of Canberra, along with the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. Bermuda has the Bermuda National Art Gallery, whereas the country of Canada exhibits its national art in the National Art Gallery of Canada. The United Kingdom has the National Gallery in London, as well as the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburg, and the National Museum and Gallery of Cardiff, Wales. Another national gallery is the National Gallery of Ireland, in Dublin. The United States has one of the best known galleries, called the National Gallery of Art in that nation's capitol of Washington, D. C. National Galleries can also be found in Armenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Greece, and Slovenia. A national art gallery is a treasure trove of each nation's artistic treasures, as well as an insight into the values and cultures of each country.