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Insurgency may be defined as an organized resistance movement that uses subversion, sabotage, and armed conflict to achieve its aims. Insurgencies normally seek to overthrow the existing political and social order and reallocate power within the country. The reasons for the insurgents’ ideology may vary. They may be seeking to overthrow an established government for reasons that they deem are rational; they may want to establish an autonomous national territory within the borders of the nation; or they may seek political compromises that they think are not achievable through peaceful means. Whatever the case, the cause of the insurgents is usually given a high moral tone for insurgent efforts are directed towards improvement of the overall condition of a large body of people. .


The campaigns and plans of insurgent attacks may take different forms to suit different situations and different regions. Kidnapping is a favorite tactic adopted by established insurgent groups of the world. These are carried out to serve two main purposes. One is to extort monies for their various nefarious activities and to buy arms and weapons, as well as to feed and clothe their cadres. Another important reason is to extract political concessions or arm twist the government into giving in to their demands of freeing such members of their cadres who are imprisoned and biding time in jails. They are able to extract additional mileage by attracting media attention which in this day and age is becoming as important as the other reasons.

Carrying out formal and organized raids is also common and highly effective tactic used by insurgent groups, especially when they combine their members with other terrorist groups or general outlaws for the purposes of gaining their ends.

Hostage taking, shooting, bombing and killing important personages are among their other stratagems to gain political mileage against an established authority.

Recent major insurgencies

  1. Iraqi insurgency
  2. Kashmiri insurgency