IT consulting

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IT Consulting (also known as business and technology services) is a field of activity that focuses on providing businesses with advice upon how to use information technology to meet their objectives. In most cases, besides providing advice, the company contracted will also implement and administer the IT systems on the behalf of the client business. IT consulting has been characterized as a three tier system:

  1. Professional Service Firms – they manage large workforces and joggle around large amounts of money. In most cases these companies have sourced work force from low-cost nations through the process of hiring a freelancer. Several websites around today have specialized in these types of hiring.
  2. Staffing firms – Technologists are being implemented in different businesses on a temporary basis. These companies also tend to look for cheaper workforce.
  3. Independent Consultants – They work as contractors, employees of staffing firms or as subcontractors.

The differences between management consulting and IT consulting are few. The first difference that appears stands in the fact that IT consultants have a degree in computer science or related fields while the management consultant is usually a licensed specialist in accounting, finance or economics. IT consulting firms have reached world status and some of them employ over 100,000 consultants (like Accenture – over 105,000).