How to run Warcraft III on Intel-based Macs

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If you are a Warcraft III fan, you may probably be disappointed to see that it will not run by default on x86 computers with Mac OS X. It will fail, with a strange error being displayed if you launch it from a terminal window, referring to an error regarding LiveType.

If you really want to play the game (and cannot wait for Blizzard to release a serious update/patch), you will be able to play it by sacrificing the LiveType apparent component, at least while you are playing.


  1. Go to /Library/Quicktime and find LiveType.component. Archive LiveType.component, or at least copy it somewhere else.
  2. Take the LiveType.component file from /Library/Quicktime and drag it to the Thrash. Empty the Thrash.
  3. Open Warcraft III again. It may be necessary to reinstall it.

However, this will obviously cause any application relying on the LiveType component to fail. Although knowing that you do not use any such application may be reassuring, some applications may need it only for some facilities, and, although you do not need these facilities, the applications may simply fail to start, without any apparent reason. Therefore, after playing Warcraft III, you should copy LiveType.component back to /Library/Quicktime.


It makes some good shell scripting practice to write a small script that copies LiveType.component to a safe location, starts Warcraft III and then copies LiveType.component back. You should not need more than six lines and it may be a good idea to write it, if you do not mind (the otherwise negligible) overhead.