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Homosexuality has to do with the topic of both sex and sexuality. Many philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle in Ancient Greece talked about homosexuality. Also some modern philosophers discussed homosexuality such as John Finnis. The topic of homosexuality has both positive and negative views attached to it. And, many people are neutral concerning the topic of homosexuality.



Homosexuality deals with sexual orientation. In particular, the term is used when two men are sexually attracted to each other. It can also be used when two women are sexually attracted to each other. Men that are sexually attracted to members of the same sex are labeled gay and women who are sexually attracted to members of the same sex are labeled lesbian. In contrast, people who are sexually attracted to the opposite sex are called heterosexual. There are many other types of sexuality such as bisexuality.

Homosexuality in the animal kingdom

Homosexuality does occur among animals other than human beings. Studies suggest that homosexuality happens in the animals that are very close to human being on the evolutionary ladder. Here are some of the animals that have been known to practice homosexuality from time to time:

  • Great Apes
  • Penguins
  • Dolphins

Coming out

In regards to homosexuality, there is sometimes a process called “coming out.” Coming out usually happens in two stages although it is an ongoing process that can take many years to complete. There is internalized coming out and externalized coming out. Internalized coming out involves the person who is gay or lesbian coming to teams with their sexual orientation. Coming to terms with their homosexuality means realizing it, dealing with it in a positive way, and accepting it. External coming out involves the person letting other people like friends and family know about their sexual orientation. Both parts of the coming out process can take years. It is claimed that homosexual teenagers have a higher suicide rate than heterosexual teenagers.

Homosexuality in literature and media

There have been many things written about homosexuality. For example, Homer’s Iliad talked about homosexuality and Plato devoted a whole speech in the Phardrus about homosexuality. It is claimed that Plato believed that homosexual love was better than heterosexual love. Also, there are many television shows and movies that have talked about homosexuality. Here is a small sampling of them:

  • The Hours
  • In and Out
  • Far From Heaven
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  • Golden Girls