Foie gras

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A goose.
A goose.

Foie gras is part of French cuisine and is also considered haute cuisine. Besides truffles which are a type of mushroom, foie gras is considered a great French delicacy. It is very rich a buttery and it has a delicate taste that is different from regular duck and goose liver. Some animal rights organizations regard the production method of foie gras to be cruel because it involves force feeding ducks and geese through a funnel. The production of foie gras is illegal in some places.

Main producers of foie gras

France is the leading producer and consumer of foie gras. People in France consumed over 19,000 tons of foie gras in 2005. Hungry is the second largest producer and exporter of foie gras. Hungry gets its foie gras from Franc and it is sent to Hungry raw. Bulgaria also produces foie gras. In addition, Quebec also has a growing foie gras industry. Many chefs in Canada use Quebec foie gras as a symbol of national pride.

Presentation of foie gras

In France, foie gras can be presented in many ways. It can be presented in many low end and high end ways. There is whole frozen foie gras which is sold in many French supermarkets. It is also eaten warm after being fried or roasted over a cherry wood fire. Sometimes foie gras is served in exotic dishes such as foie gras sushi or with steak tartare or truffles. Foie Gras is a luxury dish and many French people only eat foie gras on special occasions such as Christmas or New Year’s Day. However, in some parts of France foie gras is a year round delight.

Prohibition of foie gras

Foie gras is illegal in many places and laws against it are pending in some places. Here are some of the places where foie gras is illegal or will be illegal soon.

  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States: Both Chicago and California will have a ban on foie gras. Chicago’s ban on foie gras comes into law in August 2006 and California’s ban on foie gras becomes law in 2012.