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Construction is the term used for the business activity engaged in repairing old structures or building new ones. It consists of all services and paraphernalia used for preparing land and constructing, renovating, altering, installing, maintaining, demolishing or repairing infrastructure. Construction may include construction of bridges, buildings, dams, oil rigs, skyscrapers and even tunnels.

Types of construction

Although construction is a very ambiguous term, encompassing a gamut of activities, for convenience sake construction of structures – steel or reinforced concrete construction – may be divided into three main kinds.

  1. Building construction: - This includes renovating, adding extra rooms or constructing a totally new building. Even if the construction work is of small and insignificant nature, it needs careful planning because structural faults will evolve into faulty construction and eventually jeopardize the whole project. The plans need to be looked over by a professional architect before the homeowner and his/ her team of workers can go ahead and start construction.
  2. Heavy /Highway construction: - This includes constructions which are usually for public use and development of the environment and includes among other construction, the building of roads, dams, railroads and heavy earth projects. These kinds of constructions are typically undertaken by either government agencies or handled by well known and established construction business houses.
  3. Industrial construction: - This involves the construction of industrial structures for manufacturing medicines, machine parts, consumer goods, petroleum products, chemicals and for generation of power etc. These factories/ industrial houses require a panel of experts and advisors to give shape to plans.

For carrying out construction of any of the above, construction documents called blueprints are required. Blue prints are prepared by the architect once the design is substantially approved by all concerned parties.

People involved

Besides the owner, whose money is implicated, construction work usually entails the involvement of construction managers, project managers, design engineers /architects and, most importantly, the laborers on whose hard work and toil the whole structure rests.